pet custom made body pillow

Body pillow

Pet custom made body pillow

Soft touch of cotton knit


You can put it in your bedroom or display it on your sofa.


It is big and has presence.

When you put it on the bed or sofa where your pet has always been, it feels like you are there.


Recommended to accompany reading.

At home, when I read a book, my cat was always on my lap.

When you finish reading, it seems that pet in pillow are looking at you with their usual eyes.


It’s made by knitting yarn instead of printing.

The texture of each stitch of knitting reminds me of the coat of a pet.




Some people say “I can’t use it because it’s a waste”

You can use it with confidence because it has a tight and durable knitting method.


The size is 100x45cm that you can hold firmly.



This body pillow is often used as a gift for special occasions.

For example, a wedding gift for a friend or family member, or a retirement gift for a colleague (special person).

Another usage scene is the case where a person who has lost a pet purchases it by themselves.

When I uploaded it to Instagram at the prototype stage, several repeaters bought it on the spot.抱き枕


How to order

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