Knitted cushion , pet memorial

dog cushion custom made

My dog knit cushion.

For a birthday present.

In memory of pet loss.

my dog cat cushion

Bring the warmth of knitwear to your room.

For celebrations such as birthday gifts

birthday gift for Daughter

(From the review) After purchasing, we communicated about the design on LINE, but it was very smooth and the response was polite.
The actual item that arrived has a good texture of knitting and matches the interior. The family who gave it as a gift was also very happy ♪
I will use it again if I have the opportunity.

In memory of pet loss

my pet's memorial item

(From the review)
I really like it. Very delicate touch and very well made.
Just like. Even cuter than the photo.
It also has a zipper, so it’s nice to be able to wash it. But it still makes me sad every time I see it.
Contradictory, but encouraging. Thank you very much.


about cushions details

1,made from pet photos

cat's photo

cat's cushion

Please send us a photo of your pet.

Made to order.

dog's cushion

2,Knit the thread and make it

Knit the thread

It is made by knitting yarn instead of printing.

Experience the texture, texture, and warmth of knitted fabrics.



(From the review) A
nostalgic face that can be seen through the wrapping while throbbing. When I opened it, I couldn’t help but say, “Welcome back!”
Unlike prints, it has a warmth that cannot be conveyed through photographs, and a feeling that you can feel when you hold it in your hand.


About the back design

The back has footprints of paws. You can also leave it blank.

back design

Customers other than dogs and cats can use plain colors (no additional charge). Please tell us when you order if you want.

Color variations


Brown on the left. The one on the right is gray.

You can order it to match the color of your pet’s fur or to match the atmosphere of your room.

The color of the cushion is white.

When drawing two

two dogs

If you wish to design 2 pets, we will charge a separate design fee of 4,400 yen.

Wrapping with knitted ribbon


With the feeling of a gift from your pet, we will wrap it and deliver it .

If you use it as a gift, you can give it as it is.


Work introduction


(From a review)
This is my second purchase.
It’s not a cheap purchase for us, but it’s a lovely and cute cushion cover that makes you want to order twice in a short period of time. The reputation from the people around me is pretty good, and everyone says it’s cute when I show it to them. You can always answer with confidence because you can also consult about photos and other things. If you have another chance, please do not hesitate to contact us at that time.

How to order

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