The words and deeds of my wife who saved me when my cat died and I was sad

Before I met my wife, I had two cats.

My wife joined me there, and the life of two cats and two humans began.

Two years later, one of the two cats died.


Please see our pet loss experience story for how it is.

One day, my wife started saying something unusual.

Memorial goods sample in my home

My job is to make memorial goods for pets.

As a sample, I have my cat as a model.

As a sample, I have my cat as a model.

This cushion is modeled my cat, and I put it on the sofa and took a picture.

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Seeing that cushion, my wife said

“Can I have one of those?”

It was the first time my wife wanted my work.

Words and Behaviors of a Wife Thinking of a Pet in Heaven

My wife said,

“Maro( my cat) is cute.”

At that night, my wife went to bed with a cushion in her arms.

I asked my wife.

“Do you think Maro-chan has arrived in heaven?”

Then my wife started saying strange things.

“Yes, I think Maro may meet Mook.”

Mook is my family dog ​​who passed away 12 years ago.

My wife has never met Mook.

And she said,

” They would meet Choro, and Rai.”

She began to name all the pets she had ever had.

why i was happy

I felt strangely happy.

It’s only been three weeks since my cat died, so of course I feel lonely.
But more than that, I feel happy.

I am very happy to have met Maro and to have been with Maro every day for five years.
I am grateful to have met Maro.

And it made me happy to think that my wife, who had only been with maro for a short time, feel happy so much.

I came to feel that the best way to overcome the loneliness of pet loss is to have someone to share the grief with.

I feel that there are so many people who have sadness alone in our customers.

There are various reasons for this, such as living alone and having no one to talk to, or family members not understanding their feelings.

I am making works while seeing how my customers become energized by listening to their stories.

knit designer

Self introduction: Toshiyuki Miasa

Knitting writer. Producing order knits with pet photos. When I receive an order, I often ask for advice on pet loss, so I create works while remembering my late dog and cat.