Pet loss, how to spend when you don’t feel motivated / Fatigue due to pet loss

Two weeks have passed since my cat named “MARO” passed away.

I don’t feel like cycling, which I used to love so much.

I have a lot of things to do, but I don’t feel like it.

I just spend my time on the sofa and watch TV lazily.

“Maro, have you arrived in heaven yet?”

my cat

Hello, this is Miasa Knitting creator.

I took this photo at

This photo was taken the day before Maro died.

My job is to make pet memorial goods.

For that reason, we receive consultations from people who have lost pets almost every day.

I have lost a dog before, so I understand how they feel.

And I just lost my cat the other day, so I feel sad when I receive consultations.

Today, I would like to talk about how I am living in the grief of pet loss.

pet memory, cushion

my current symptoms

Two weeks ago (July 2020), my cat “Maro” passed away.

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I appreciate the kind words from customers and the support of my families.

I am regaining my energy little by little, but I still feel lonely at random times.

And now I feel exhausted.

It’s a state of not feeling well, somehow not motivated.

I lost my pet and don’t feel like doing anything

When my cat was alive, every time I received a pet loss consultation from a customer, I felt that my cat would die someday.

I have a hard time, I can only sigh, and nothing motivates me.

Many pet owners who have lost a pet will feel the same way.

I don’t want to do housework, work, study, anything.

I feel like I’ve been left alone in the world.

Sometimes I can’t even cry.

We receive similar consultations from our customers. I recommend that you take it easy and take your time.

Sometimes walking and exercising are good, but I think it’s better to get some rest first.

And with time, I think you’ll feel a little better. Then start exercising little by little.

Please don’t think about the future, make time to do nothing now, and just rest.

I thing you might feel exhausted, both physically and mentally. No matter how hard you try to do something, it doesn’t work.

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It’s not good to try to force yourself to cheer up

I am sometimes asked this question.

A friend is grieving for pet loss. I’m thinking of inviting him out for a hobby drive or shopping.

A cheerful person might think it’s a good idea.

However, I think it is counterproductive for people with pet loss.

Your friend will be more tired and less entertained.

There is a possibility that your thoughts will be tilted in such a negative direction, so take it easy until you feel like you want to see or go.

The important thing is to share the grief together.

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what do you do Fatigue of pet loss

So what should we do with our time?

In our case, the whole family gathered in the living room and took it easy.

My mother was sleeping on the sofa, my sister was looking at pictures of our dog, and I was just staring at the TV.

It’s good to be able to do it without thinking about anything.

I live in a house with a garden now, so I think it’s good to weed the garden.

I can spend a relaxing time in the sun.

It doesn’t matter if the garden isn’t clean.

Why don’t you just take a day off when it’s so hard that you can’t do housework?

If you have the cooperation of your family, you can take a day off.

However, if it continues for several days, you will need the understanding and cooperation of your family.

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when you get well

You’ll feel a little better as time goes on.

Don’t worry, this is not because you forgot your pet.

You will never forget your pet.

Pets know that too.

Why don’t you go out for a while when you’re feeling better?

When you go shopping or do your hobbies, you may feel that the world is expanding little by little.

It would be nice to go around the place of memories with your pet.


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