Opportunity to recover from pet-loss sadness, I realized that there were people who would grieve with me when I received custom pet goods as a gift.

There are several ways to recover from pet loss.

The most effective of these is the presence of someone who shares your grief.

Friends, family, or lovers.

When these people understand your feelings, you will feel very reassured and you will overcome your grief more quickly.

Presence of someone who understands your feelings

It was my wife’s words that helped me when I lost my cat.

In my conversations with my wife, I realized that she shared my grief. It made me feel so much better.

See here for the story of that time.

Why are people who receive cushions we make saved from pet loss?

The reason, I think, is not only the power of the cushion.

The feeling of the person who gave the cushion as a gift must have made them happy.

There are people who are grieving with you.

Someone is worried about you.

I think you will feel less sad if you have someone who understands how you feel.


An example of a person who received pet memorial goods as a gift and became energized


A present for customer’s wife who suffers from pet loss

Presence of someone who grieves with you

Our customers are calling us.

They are suffering from pet loss.

When I talked to them, they said that they received the cushions from our shop as gifts from their family or friends.

It was the first meeting for me, but they wanted to express their gratitude directly to my shop.

They lost their pet and were unable to tell others about their problems, and were suffering alone.

At that time, they received cushions from their family or friends.

It seems that there was also the joy of being able to meet the pet again,

More than that,
“That person cared about me and gave me such a wonderful gift.”

They said.

“People around me are looking at me properly, and I’ve become aware of their feelings, and I’ve come to think that I should rely on others a little more.”

This is how some people overcome pet loss.

Role of memorial goods

I can hold you again

We make cushions and throws.
However, it is an important memory for the customer and an irreplaceable gift.

What I am really involved in is the feeling that the owner thinks about their pet, and the feeling that they cherish their family and friends.

I think that memorial goods have such a role and I am making works.

pet memorial goods

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