How to help family and friends who feel responsible for their pet’s death

Some people feel that they are responsible for the death of their dog or cat.

If family and friends blame them, what can we do?

I will explore what we can do from my experience and customer’s ideas.

cat disease

My regret that I didn’t notice my cat’s illness

sudden death

Pets can die suddenly.

There have been cases of accidental ingestion of foreign objects, traffic accidents, and other cases in which people who thought they were fine until now have fallen ill without knowing it.

In such a case, the owner will blame himself.

The painful feeling can last for a long time, and the symptoms can get worse day by day.

We don’t know what we can do even if family or friends.

Therefore, it seems that customers are thinking about caring for family and friends in various ways.

Here are some examples.

gift memorabilia

gift memorabilia for pet


Our customers give memorial goods using photos of pets to their owners.

Owners who receive this cushion will realize how much they have loved their pet, and will be saved from self-loathing.

Let them know that no one is blaming the pet owner

Owners can’t help but feel responsible. However, it may make their heart a little easier to tell them that no one are blaming them.

Here’s how.

A woman who lost her dog in a car accident

This is a story I heard from a customer.

His sister had a dog.

Of course, the whole family loved the dog.

The moment the sister opened the front door, the dog suddenly jumped out and had a traffic accident.

Sister feels responsible.

Everyone in the family desperately told her that it was not the fault of her.

It seems that his sister is getting better little by little.

And customer gave sister a cushion as a present.

The message card attached to the gift read:

“I’m sorry that I suddenly jumped out thinking I could go for a walk. Heaven is so much fun. Thank you for the good times so far.”

Many customers attach a message card with similar content. The owner seems to be saved.

Let’s Tell Owners That Their Pets Are Grateful In Heaven

It’s important to remember the fun times instead of just remembering the hard times.

Writing something like this on a message card with a picture of your pet:

“thank you for being with me.

I was happy to be with you.

I will never forget the times we played together and the many treats you gave me on my birthday.

I got sick in the end, but it’s not mom’s fault.

I tried not to let you know I was sick.

There is no sickness in heaven, so don’t worry anymore.

I’ll be waiting for you in heaven first, so let’s meet again”

There are customers who write happy memories as the words of a cat who died in the same way.

Would you like to save your owner’s heart with your original stationery?

original stationery , original message

My experience of not noticing my cat’s illness

I have two cats.

Both of them are rescue cats, and it seems that the health condition is not as good as the puppies raised in pet shops and breeders.

I will tell you a story about when one of them developed urinary tract stones.

The first thing that struck me as strange was that he peed a lot and that he peed for a long time.

But it’s not every day, so I didn’t really care.
I felt that it was about to say, “Is he drinking too much water?”

At that time, I did not know disease called urinary calculi.

Then one day, the cat had blood in his urine.

Thinking this was serious, I took the cat to the hospital and found small stones in his urine.

I was asked about the frequency and time of peeing, and for the first time I learned that these were symptoms.

It seems that if it had been a few days later, cat might have lost life.

Fortunately, cat was able to treat it with medicine alone. I regretted my lack of knowledge.

If I had lost cat’s life at that time, I would have continued to blame myself for the rest of my life.

With time, I may get better to some extent, but I think I cried every time I remembered it.

For those who feel responsible for their pet’s death

No matter how careful you are, unless you are a veterinarian, it is difficult to manage all of your pets.

We don’t know when and where an accident will occur. Also, dogs can run fast.

If you keep your cat outdoors, it can be difficult to keep track of everything they do and what illnesses they get.

In addition, it seems that pets live so that their injuries and illnesses are not known to people and other animals.

My dog, Mook, who was in our house, was also dragging his feet while walking.
We went to the hospital, thinking it might have been bitten by a thorn.
Bone cancer was found.

the vet said. “This is cancer” (For more information, see Choosing Not to Extend Your Pet’s Life)

No matter how many people around you say, “Take it easy, it’s not your fault,” the words may not get through.

But the animals don’t blame you. I’m sure your pet is grateful for the love you’ve given it so far. And they know that you will love them forever.

So please take care of yourself someday.

It’s okay if there are days when you remember and cry.

I think that every time you cry, the feeling of blaming yourself will fade away, and the fun memories will grow.

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