When girlfriend’s dog died, how to cheer up

Introducing the situation of pet loss in Japan.

What can I do when my boyfriend or girlfriend’s pet dies?

I want to be by his (her) side and support him (her) at a time like this.

But what can I do ?

How can I support ?

Today, let’s think about what to do for a lover who lost a pet.

(I’m not good at English. This article is written using google translation)

I sometimes receive consultations about pet loss through making works.

We have over 10,000 customers. I hope this experience and advice will help you.

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How to treat a boyfriend or girlfriend who lost a pet

give a gift

First of all, let me introduce you to our customer.

The loss of a pet causes deep grief.

He (she) may be crying all the time.

Therefore, it seems that customers give gifts and memorial goods with their feelings.

especially memorial goods

“That boy is back”

Sometimes it is said, it can be a gift that resonates more than words.

(Introducing the review)
I was very pleased with the beautifully made cushion. It was his beloved dog, but he passed away last month.
I worried a lot and searched for what I could do.I ordered it, and my partner and family were very happy. I’m really thankful to you.
pet photo cushion
Ordered product: Knitted cushion
This is what I ordered in November.
The dog that she had been with for many years passed away, and I requested a cushion to keep her memories in shape.
It was a wonderful present because the color that conveys the warmth of the dog and the design of her photo were used as they were.
My friend was also happy that it might be the first time for such a happy present. I’m really thankful to you.
pet photo cushion
 Ordered product: Knitted cushion

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customer stay by lover’s side and listen to 

I think it is important that listening to what they have to say or to be by their side.

Perhaps you heard directly from them that their pet died. I think it’s a manifestation of the feeling that “I want you to help me and support me.”

girl's cat

It’s very painful to be alone, and you will be unable to do anything. If you are in a place where you can meet soon, please closs to them. We may not be able to do anything specifically, but just being by their side is reassuring. I want to support you at this time.

And the most important thing is to listen their feeling.

No need to try to cheer up. If they want to say something, please listen to it.

If they start talking about something of pet, such as the illness before died, how you were when pet passed away, etc., please listen to them while giving a nod.

They may start crying while talking.

In such a case, please let them cry.

I don’t think there are many people who can’t help but cry when their pet dies.

Trying to cheer up is counterproductive.

It is better to refrain from saying things like “Cheer up” and “Let’s do our best”.

I can’t afford to think about the future now.

I can’t get well because I lost the most important existence for me.

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It may be easier to talk to someone about the pain of pet loss .

See also my experience.

I was able to overcome pet loss because I had a family who cried with me

what should i talk about

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know how it feels, but if you’ve never had a pet before, you may not know what to talk about.

There are words that can help and hurt, so please refer to the words you can say to someone who has lost a pet and support your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Listening is more important than speaking.

I’ll make time for myself

There are times when I want someone to be by my side, and there are times when I want to be alone.

Some people don’t want to be seen crying.

There are times when I want to cry alone, and there are times when I want to spend time without worrying about anyone. In such a case, leave it alone.

If you force yourself to pry into various things or invite you to go out, you may find it annoying in return.

Some people find it easier to be alone. If it’s hard to say goodbye to your pet, create a place where you can cry and refer to Crying Properly.

give some gift

Many people would like to give a gift.

When it is difficult to convey in words, gifts may reach the heart of the other party.

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Psychology of recipients of pet memorial goods

Sometimes we give flowers and incense, but our customers give custom-made goods for their deceased pets.

In addition, albums and photo frames to put photos in may be appreciated.

cat original cushion

For those who are reluctant to make an altar, original pet goods like this seem to play a role.

Reference article:

Offerings and gifts for those who have lost a pet

A chance to recover from pet loss ・I noticed the existence of people who grieve with me

A gift that makes the other person feel better

Boyfriend, if you think she looks a little weird

In addition to the loneliness of losing a beloved dog or cat, some people also become angry and irritable at times. You may feel that your personality has changed, as if you were a different person.

I was the same. Here is the experience.

When it’s like that, think about whether there’s any cause other than pet loss.

For details, please refer to When pet loss is severe and you can’t recover, there may be other causes besides pet loss .

In such a case, I think it’s especially important to take care of the people around you.

How to cheer up someone with pet loss

look at pictures together

Pet album photo organization

If you have the energy to look at the photos, it would be nice to listen to the story while looking at the photos together.

I think each photo has a memory. You will be able to remember the fun you had, and you will be healed by cute photos.

I think they will be happy if you give them honest words such as “This expression is cute!”

However, it may be hard to see the photos, so please be careful there.

Reference article: Print pet memories/photos, make albums, write comments

Decorate the altar together, visit the grave together

If the other person agrees, setting up an altar is also recommended. I think it would be nice to go to the grave together. The act will make the other person feel at ease and feel that you share the same grief.

I think it would be nice to display a picture or offer a toy next to it. I think that the altar is the place where the soul of the dog or cat lives in the house. While preparing and decorating it, you may be able to enjoy the feeling that dogs and cats are there.

For details , please see Let’s make a Buddhist altar and altar for your pet .

remains of a pet

things that leave memories

At our store, we create memorial goods with photos of pets, and some of our customers have sent us emails to let us know how they feel about their orders, so here are some of them.

I want to support him who lost his beloved dog

His dog died. He seems to be acting fine, but he still seems to be in shock. I want to support him, but I didn’t know what to do since I’ve never had a pet. I can’t do anything , so I thought I will give him something memorial goods. I found this knitted cushion while searching on the internet, so I’m going to make a cushion for his dog.

Memorable goods for your beloved dog in heaven

View the product list

I was looking for something that shaped memories

original cat blanket

It seems that the cat she had since she was a child died. She was very depressed, but I didn’t know what to say to her, so I was looking for something like an offering to heal her. It seems that her feelings have not yet healed, and she hopes that she will be able to support her by leaving something tangible.

She’s increasing in pain as the days go by

Her Chihuahua died and she is very sad. I thought she would get better as the day went on, but on the contrary, she seems to be depressed. The feeling of wanting to meet dog seems to be getting stronger day by day, and when I thought I had to do something to support her, I met this site.

Impressions of memorial goods given to boyfriend and girlfriend

Our products are filled with the feeling that they are gifts from heaven’s pets. I’m happy that the feeling has reached everyone. I would like to introduce some of the impressions received from such people.

When used as a gift for a boyfriend, many people are surprised by his reaction after gift. It seems that he is more pleased than he expected and is thanked over and over again. Some people even cried and said thank you, and were able to see an unexpected side of him.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman when you think of your pet, and even in front of your girlfriend, there are times when you will shed tears.

Her dog who crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 8

“Her dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of eight. I couldn’t bear to see her depressed, so I immediately ordered a cushion and gave it to her, and she cried and thanked me for seeing her again. She said “I have never received such a wonderful gift before” and She was very pleased. 』

Memorial goods that were happy to hug

When I gave her a cushion, she hugged me and said she was speechless because it seemed to be alive. And I put it in a bag again and decorate it because it should not be dirty immediately.

gift from heaven

As soon as I gave it to him, he seemed to know it was his cat (he calls Mii-chan a cat), and was surprised at how lifelike it looked. It’s like having a cat there, and he says it’s like he’s come back from heaven. I also think it’s a present from the cat in heaven. Thank you for the wonderful product.

When it’s still early days since pet died

I gave it to him as a memorial item for his dog. He passed away not long ago, so I thought it would be painful, but he was happy to say that it was as if he had been reborn and came back. They say they really feel like they are there. Especially since the photo was taken a few days before he passed away, I felt even more emotional. It seems that he was supported and lifted up. Thank you very much.

Two-shot of a deceased pet

I ordered one for my deceased child and the other for my current cat. I can’t take a two-shot photo of the two anymore, but I’m happy to see them standing next to each other on a blanket like this. The two of us are enjoying a feeling of happiness that we have never experienced before, a mixture of sadness and happiness.

Other impressions

There is also a review corner as other impressions, so please have a look.

Let’s get well slowly.

When someone important to me is having a hard time, I would like to do something to support them.

But there are times when I don’t know what to do, and there are times when I can’t do anything.

When you can’t do anything, I think it’s good to just be by your side and listen to what you have to say.

Please support them.

The spiciness is different for each person. For those who are working hard but cry once a day, for those who cry all the time but are trying to get back on their feet, I hope everyone will get better at their own pace.

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