If someone in the family is pet loss, how should we do to support?

pet sympathy gifts

We make a pet mementos goods by knitting.

So, we often take pet loss customer consultation, however I’m not a counselor.

Today I introduce one case.

If someone in the family is pet loss, how should we do to support?

Especially it seems that customer’s mother often becomes a pet loss.

Mother becomes a pet loss.

Sometimes, someone in the family become deep pet loss.

If you’re mother was deep pet loss, we are very troubled.

veterinary doctor says

“Elderly people and women are more prone to pet loss.”

This may be due to menopause and lifestyle changes.

It’s hard for the whole family, but let’s understand that the mother herself is the hardest.

can’t do housework

In Japan, mothers often do housework.

If my mother is unable to do housework, someone else will do it.

if it is the short term, it may be less of a burden.

But it may need a days or over months to overcome the pain of pet loss.


If symptoms persist, let’s consider causes other than pet loss

Other than pet loss, have there been any changes in your home environment?

Work stress, child independence, death of family members, etc.

It seems that there are cases where the death of a pet overlaps with them and becomes mentally unstable.

If you are a woman (even a man), it seems that menopause disorder may overlap.

Why don’t you consult a doctor?

I think it’s important to be close to your mother’s heart.

Mother herself must want to get well.

Please talk with your mom about pet.

Or let’s eat a cake on pet’s birthday and decorate flowers on pet’s anniversary.

Also, please talk about pet

“Our pet is doing well in heaven”.

If you can share mother’s loneliness, she may be think it will be healed.

I introduce an example of a mother who lost her pet and became healthy with the support of her family

An example of how memorial goods saved a family’s pet loss


The other day, my beloved dog died suddenly.

My mother was always with her dog when she slept, when she ate, and when she went for walks.

Mother said.
“I don’t know what to do tomorrow.”

I wanted to support my mother.

my mother said
“I can’t hold you anymore”
So I ordered a cushion for my mom to cuddle with.
At first, I thought it might make my mother feel more sad.
But my mother said when she saw the finished cushion.
“I’m so happy I could cry”
My mother was very happy.
I gave it as a gift and it was really nice.
Thank you very much for making such a wonderful cushion. thank you very much!

order : knitted cushion

parents living alone

Elderly people who live alone may also have pets.

Sometimes pets die, sometimes owners die.

Don’t put off the problem, let’s consult and decide while the pet and the owner are healthy.

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When a parent loses a pet, please try to contact them or give them a gift.
Then parents will know they are not alone.

Pet memento goods ( we art making) are used in such situations.

It will be useful even if it is not related to pets.
It would be a good idea to give your parents something they like, such as sweets or seasonal fruits.

Some customers even bring their mothers over from their parents’ homes to live with them in their new homes.

It is important to tell your mother that you are not alone and that you have a family even if you are far away.


I ordered a cushion from Toy Poodle.

The dog loved my mother.
Mother used to live with a dog at my parents’ house, but dog passed away the other day.

He lived 18 years longer.
I couldn’t believe it was gone for a long time, but when I saw the knitted cushion, I felt like my dog ​​was there, and I was happy.

My mother is very happy too.
“Really like it, great!”
Mother was happy to say.

order : knitted cushion


In the countryside where I live, there are many elderly people who is living alone.

Children often live in cities.
In some cases, elderly people move into the homes of children living in the city.

For elderly people who have lost their pets and are left alone, it might be a good idea to start a new life in a town with family.

father lost a pet

Of course, men can also become pet loss.

Some men try to be strong and hold back their feelings.
Isn’t there some people who can’t even cry in public?

However, in reality, your father may be hiding the fact that he is sad because of pet loss.

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Memorial goods may bring a good opportunity at this time.

A chance to improve a strained family relationship

Things to be aware of when a family member loses a pet

When a family pet dies, there are some things to be aware of.

One person in the family may suffer from severe pet loss.
It would be nice if the family could support each other, but if it goes on for too long, they may get irritated or fight over trivial matters.

the hardest person

First of all, let’s understand that the person who is suffering from pet loss is the most painful.
The person must want to do something about it.
Sometimes that impatience makes the situation worse.

it’s hard for you too

At the same time, your family’s pet has passed away, so it’s the same for other family members, including yourself. It is also important that family members around you do not overdo it.

Pets that have died can lead to family fights

Even family members have different feelings about pets.

Some people become pet loss, and some people can laugh from the next day.

Opinions differ on relics and memorial goods.
Sometimes we get into fights because of differences in feelings.

It’s a time when you can’t afford to feel, so be careful.

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