anniversary of pet’s passing, what will you do on that day?

Introducing the situation of pet loss in Japan.

Today, let’s think about what we do on anniversary of pet’s passing.

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The anniversary of my pet’s death is coming up soon.

I want to do something special, but I don’t know what to do.

As I write this article, my cat, MARO, pass away 1 year ago.

Then this thought came to my mind.

  • Is there anything I can do for my cat ?
  • what are all other people doing?

It’s been 16 years since we’ve been knitting yarn and making pet memorials .

As I listened to how these customers were doing, I found a recommended way to spend their time, so I will introduce it.

After the death anniversary has passed,

“I should have done that!”

Don’t let that happen. 

We hope that this page will be of help to you.

I want to do that pet will be enjoy!

I think the most important is to do what your pet enjoys.

Then, of course, your pet will be happy, but you will be happy yourself.

(From the customer review)
I’ve been wondering about this cushion for a long time. I decided to place an order for the first anniversary of my beloved dog’s death. I think Ron (my dog) is also pleased with the design of my favorite soccer ball. Ordered product: Cushion
pet original cushion

“I’m sure that my dog will be delighted.”

Just thinking about it makes me feel happy☆

(From the review)
I want to hug you again.
With that in mind, I searched for a cushion.
I found this knit cushion.
It’s a coincidence, but it arrived on the anniversary of his death, even though I didn’t tell the shop anything.
It’s like my dog is back home. Ordered product: Cushion
pet original cushion
(From the review)
It’s been a year since I sent my cat off to the Rainbow Bridge. Parting was an unimaginable sense of loss, but I am grateful that I was able to spend the past year because of “van der Wan’s cushions” and blankets. Ordered product: cushion and half throw
pet original cushion half throw

What kind of day is death anniversary for you?

My family pet dog Mook and cat Maro.

I still remember the day they died.

I want to cherish their birthday more than the anniversary of my death, but I do not want to forget the day they passed away.

The birthday is the day they were born into this world, but the death anniversary is the important day that we stayed together until this day.

The day they no longer had to fight their illness.

The day they went to a heaven where there is no pain or loneliness.

It’s only recently that I’ve started to think so…

From now on, I want to cherish the anniversary of my death.

A different offering on the anniversary of the death

It seems that people who have a Buddhist altar offer more snacks than usual, or buy toys that their pets liked.

Some people said they would eat fruits such as oranges and apples that their pets liked.

offer a toy

Why don’t you change the toys that have been offered to new ones?

It will change your mood, and your pet may be happy.

I also hear that one of customer buy a new one every year.

If you try playing with the toy yourself, the pets you see in heaven may want to play with them too.

The number of times you go to the pet shop after your pet has passed away has probably decreased.

Why don’t you stop by the pet corner once in a while and reminisce about those days? Cheap or small things are fine, so buying a new toy can be surprisingly fun.

I’m sure the dogs and cats in heaven will be pleased.

cleaning the altar

If you clean the altar (Buddhist altar), the pets in heaven will surely be happy.

If you display the photo, why not replace the another photo?

You probably have many favorite photos.

I think you can enjoy seeing a different expression than usual.

custom made goods made from pet photos

There are many shops other than our store that make custom made goods.

There are also shops that make 3D figures, stuffed animals, pet figurines made from wool felt, and unusual things like candles.

pet loss candle

This is a candle made to look just like a photo of your dog. 
A customer who purchased a memorial cushion told me.

We have summarized what other offerings are available on the memorial goods page, so please take a look.

Introducing a customer’s episode: A gift for my wife on the anniversary of my dog’s death

(From the review)
It’s been a year since our beloved dog Chobi passed away. When I was looking for something to hold a memorial service for, I saw a cushion from “Miasa Amimono Center”, and my wife and I hurriedly submitted a photo of our dog.
The design image arrived immediately, and I was impressed because it looked just like my dog ​​Chobi.
The second impression was that the finished cushion was carefully wrapped, and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of a really warm dog coming home.
I think this is thanks to Mr. Miasa’s heartfelt production.
This dog cushion will be remembered for a lifetime.
I’m really thankful to you.
If anyone is grieving the loss of their beloved dog, I would love to introduce them. Ordered product: Knitted cushion
pet original cushion

What do you do on your pet-loss anniversary?

Next, we will introduce what customer did on the anniversary of their pet death, and how to spend the day.

go to the pet’s grave

pet graveyard

It may be the most people who are going to visit the grave.

I also visit graves a lot, and every time I do that, I feel like I was able to meet my dog ​​Mook and my cat Maro.

I feel lighter and lighter, and I feel like I have a break each time.

organize the relics

When your pet has just passed away, you may have left their belongings behind.

You may have left everything in the hope that you can always come back, but that may also delay your recovery from grief.

It seems that there are many people who dispose of belongings in order to sort out their feelings, triggered by the first anniversary of the death or the anniversary of the death.

Some people say that they finally felt like they could say goodbye after sorting out their belongings.
Also, I often hear people say that they were able to face clothes and toys with a different feeling than they had a year ago.

Related article: Organizing your pet’s belongings

display photos

You probably take a lot of photos of your pet with your smartphone or digital camera. But are they printed?

If you change your smartphone model, you won’t be able to see it before you know it, and your digital equipment and data will be broken someday. Please print it out as much as possible and decorate it with your favorite photos.

remains of a pet

You can change your mood just by changing the picture of your pet in the room or changing the place where you display it. We also recommend creating an album and adding comments to the photos! For more details , please read Pet Photo Organizing .

visit memorable places

Especially for dog owners, I often hear stories about taking a walk with their dog or visiting dog cafes.

It seems that there are many things that are surprisingly fun, such as reminiscing about those days at the park where I used to play, or meeting the staff at the dog cafe for the first time in a while and talking about my dog.

In the case of dogs and cats adopted as foster parents from animal shelters, many people seem to visit the facility. It seems that there is an obligation to report the pet’s health condition etc. to the facility regularly, so if you tell them that you have passed away, they will listen to your story, and you can talk about your memories and it will be healing.

Write a letter to your pet in heaven

I recommend writing a letter to your pet in heaven.

I also recommend this to people who can’t accept the death of their pet.

We may not be able to meet or talk to heaven’s pets, but writing letters makes us feel like our words have reached heaven.

Read: Write a letter to your deceased pet

See the person who took care of the pet

This is the story of a customer.
It seems that the pet (cat) that left for heaven was the children who accepted from the animal shelter.
It seems that the facility is close, and it is going to be a volunteer.
When the anniversary of his death approaches, he visits and talks with the facility manager and his wife, saying, “How many years have passed since then?”

It’s nice to have someone close to you with whom you can talk about such memories.

Give memorial items to family members

Example of use as a gift for a family member/reunited with a pet after a year

I would like to introduce a case that was given to their sister, who was depressed because her family’s pet dog died 1 year ago, on the first anniversary of her death.

When pet just passed away, he was in a lot of pain and couldn’t do anything for pet, but after a year, everyone in the family calmed down a bit and they were able to talk about their memories.

Therefore, the older sister wanted to prepare some memento for her younger sister, who was the pet owner, to commemorate the first anniversary of her death.

At first, she was looking for a ready-made product with a design of a dog breed, but when she found out that she could make original goods with a photo of her dog, she started looking into it.

At that time, she found our store by chance and was attracted by the texture of the knit and the cuteness of the cushions, so she placed an order.

After the delivery, I received a thank you saying that it was as if my dog ​​had come home.

She said that if she had encountered this product a year ago, her recovery might have been a little faster, but now that a year has passed, she may have calmed down and smiled with joy.

I think this is also a relationship that the dog in heaven has tied up. I would be happy if you could hug the cushion and cherish her memories.

Memorable goods for your beloved dog in heaven

Click here for details

(From the review)
Thank you for making a wonderful cushion this time. He realistically reproduced the figure of his beloved dog French Bulldog, who passed away a year ago. I’m sitting on the sofa I used to sit on. It was the best present for my wife who still suffers from pet loss. Ordered product: Knitted cushion
pet original cushion

A customer who receives a gift every year on the anniversary of his death

Customers who give gifts to their parents on the anniversary of their dog or cat’s death.

It seems that they have been giving gifts with various ideas every year.

I hear that when his father was hospitalized, he decorated the hospital room with cushions.
His dog ​​also fought the disease with him.
When he was discharged from the hospital, I received a thanks email.

An example of a gift given on the anniversary of her dog’s death

I would like to introduce an email from a man in his 30s.

It’s been almost a year since her dog died.
On the anniversary of pet death, I also wanted to give him a commemorative gift.
She and her family are doing well, so I thought it would be a good idea to decorate the room, and I found a knitted cushion. Thank you.

Pet anniversary gift

my experience

Let’s talk about my experience.

I was talking about wanting to remember my pet’s birthday more than the anniversary of his death, but after all, the anniversary of his death brings back a lot of memories. .

How to spend 

We don’t do anything special other than visiting graves, but we try not to do other things as much as possible.

This day, I want to spend slowly at home.

Looking at the photos, cleaning the room, rubbing the scratches on the stairs made by Mook…

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