Counseling from people who can’t love their new pet

We are sometimes consulted about pet loss.

Like this.

“I got a new pet, but I can’t love it because I compared it to the pet that died the other day.”

Are you having the same problem?

Today, I would like to talk about consultations about not loving your new pet or comparing it to your previous pet.


customer worries

case 1

“My family got a new pet, but I don’t love it.”

“I feel insensitive to my family and our relationship is getting worse.”

“At that time, my family gave me a gift of memories of deceased pet.”

pet sympathy gift

case 2

“I got a new pet.
However, my family objected, saying it was too early.
So I made memorial goods for my deceased pet and gave them to my family.
My family was delighted.”

pet sympathy gift

Can’t love newcomer pet

We make pet memorial goods, and we sometimes hear from customers when they place an order.

Some customers say that when they get a new pet, they can’t love them like they used to because they compare them to their previous pets.

I think the reason is as follows.

Because I still can’t forget my dead pet.

Maybe you’re comparing new pet to a dead pet?

A new pet is not a reincarnation.

They have different personalities, different tastes in food, and different ways of getting to know each other.

Seeking the same relationship can be a burden for the pet and can be painful for the owner.

So what should we do

It takes long time to love new pet like a deceased pet.

A bond with a pet may not be formed immediately.先代のペットの代わりはいない。

You will never forget your deceased pets for the rest of lives.

So take your time and take it slow.

How long does it take to get along with a new pet

I think it takes a certain amount of time before you can love your pet.

It can happen in an instant, or it can take years.

It depends on the compatibility between the pet and the owner.
The amount of time it takes for love to develop varies, but it’s good to know that it can take a long time.

I will tell you about my family.

I had one cat.

The cat is from a shelter.

The cat immediately became attached to me and was very cute.

I thought it would be lonely because of only one cat, so I decided to get another cat who was on good terms with him when he was in the shelter.

After a trial period of 2 weeks, I started to keep it, but in the beginning, I couldn’t love it as much as my resident cat.

The reason is love or compatibility, it is difficult to put into words.

The two cats were good friends at the animal shelter.
They forgot each other and often fought with the resident cat.

two cats act the same.

For example, they fail the toilet.

At that time, I can forgive the resident cat.

However, when a new cat fail the toilet, I feel a little uncomfortable.

I couldn’t understand this feeling myself.

How I came to love my new cat

One day, there is a chance that I came to love a new cat.

It started with a cat’s sick.


This is my second cat.

One day, he had blood in his urine and took the cat to the hospital.

He had a disease called urolithiasis.
It is a common disease in cats.
But in severe cases, surgery may be required.
It is said that he sometimes loses his life.

The cat’s illness was cured with hospital visits, medicine, and diet.
From that moment on, I suddenly fell in love with this cat (Maro).

It was after more than a year had passed since he came to my house.

It was the first time I knew that I loved this cat so much.

Bonds don’t come quickly

I noticed.

When the resident cat came to our house, I was doing my best to take care of my first cat.
I was desperate to get used to this life more than to love.

Scratching sofas and curtains, tearing shoji screens, running around in the middle of the night…

Through repeating fun things and troubles, I came to understand this child’s personality, gradually understood how to take care of a cat, and spent time building a bond with each other.

For newly adopted cats, it is the first space and he did not know what is inside the house.

Moreover, there was a native cat, and even though they were good friends before, they were separated for months, so they don’t remember each other, and maybe they were alone and lonely and couldn’t forgive their hearts.

By the time he got sick, the time we spent together had gotten longer and we might have come to trust each other.

I realized that the bonds of the heart cannot be made immediately.

appearance of the cat

Malo later contracted another illness and died in the summer of 2020.

My pet loss story

When I think about it now, I definitely feel happy that I was able to properly love that cat.

At the same time, I also regret that I could have done more.

There is also anxiety about whether that cat was happy to come to our house.

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Now, Maro is special for me.

love grows slowly over time

Some of you may not be able to love your new pet as much as you would like.

Why don’t you take a little more time thinking that time is a days to cultivate love?

It seems that it takes time especially in the case of protected cats and protected dogs like me.

One more thing, maybe you haven’t forgotten about your previous pet.

It will never be forgotten.

So you would be better to take the time.

It might be a good idea to tell your new pet about your memories of the previous pet.

If you talk about your happy memories, you too will be healed.

our work

We are making pet memorial goods.
However, we believe that what we are delivering is not a product, but an important invisible treasure such as “feelings”, “memories”, and “bonds”.

I would appreciate it if you could help me to rest your feelings.

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