My pet died and I cry every day. Is there a way out of grief?

Introducing the situation of pet loss in Japan.

Today, let’s think about what what should we do to stop crying.

(I’m not good at English. This article is written using google translation)

Saying goodbye to pets is hard, and many people cry every day and every night.

“Is there a way to stop crying or cheer yourself up? ”

I am often asked this question by my customers.

I think it’s better to cry a lot.

my experience

My job is to make pet’s memorial goods.

Some customers cry while talking on the phone.

Of course, during that time, I would have to stop working, and since I am not a counselor, I would not be able to give good advice.

But they will be fine by the time the cushion arrives.

I think it’s because he cries properly.

When I opened the box and met Shio’s eyes, I cried.
Unable to overcome pet loss… ( Read more ) Ordered product ( cushion )
My dog ​​has returned with the warmth of a knit (from the review)

what we are making

why it’s good to cry

(Introducing the review)
Thank you for your help. My dog ​​that I had been with for 16 years passed away, and I just cried every day, and I couldn’t even open the box I ordered. As the days passed, I thought it was time for my dog ​​to get well, so when I opened the knitted item I ordered, I was so surprised that my dog ​​had come home! I am no longer lonely, thank you very much.
the work
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I think people who cry are honest people.

Some people have had such a strong love for their pets that they can’t stand loneliness.

At times like that, the more you hold back your tears, the more painful it will accumulate.

There are people who work hard during the day, and people who push themselves when meeting others.

Even they may cry when they get home or before they go to bed.

I think it’s shedding the accumulated stress with tears.

Please don’t think crying is a bad thing.

But crying takes a lot of physical strength, and if possible, I want to be able to do my best without crying (even if I feel lonely).

Such a person moves on to the next action.

They have something to support one’s feelings

I work in a knitting factory.

Using knit technology, we are making cushions and blankets with pet designs by knitting.

Here are the words from our customers.

I met my dog again.
I think that my pet is there.
With this as a support, I can do my best from tomorrow.

In other words, I think it’s good to have something to support.

Sometimes it can be an object, someone’s words, or your own actions.

I receive consultation emails on a daily basis.
Many customers buy cushions.

cuddle cushion

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(Introducing the review)
Thank you for the wonderful cushion.
After the death of my family member, Luc, whom I spent 16 and a half years with, I immediately requested a cushion. The sadness hasn’t healed yet, is it too soon? I also thought about it, but I wanted to increase Luc as the house that was designed to care for old dogs was changing to human specifications day by day.
When my daughter saw the cushion, she cried, “It’s Luc!” I cried too.
My daughter is holding a cushion like she is holding Luc.
Thank you very much for the wonderful present. Ordered product: Knitted cushion
pet original cushion

saying good by to pet

mementos aren’t the only things that matter.

It’s also important to try to make your own trigger to say goodbye.

Some people are unable to say goodbye to their pets.

In that case, the hard times will only last longer.

I believe that the soul of a pet that has left its body will go to heaven and be happy.

I’m lonely, but let’s pray for their happiness.

Have a funeral, cremate, build an altar…

I heard that each action is a step to accept the farewell.

Create a crying place (a place where pets can come home)

From now on, I think that pets and us are connected with our hearts.

It’s also a good idea to create a place in your home where your pet can come home.

Decide that it’s a place where you can cry , and go there when you want to cry.

Then you will feel like you are meeting your pet in heaven, and you may feel more at ease.

If you put it on the sofa, it looks like that child is there.
If you hug him, the warmth of the knit is similar to that child’s body temperature.

Customers sometimes tell us this.

Please see the change in feelings brought about by pet memorial goods .

Some people order not only cushions, but also two or three.

pet sympathy gifts

A set of cotton blanket and cushion.

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The hardest part is not being able to cry

The reason you are crying is because you are very sad and lonely.

I have also lost a dog and a cat.
Partly because of my age when my lacrimal glands weakened, I was shedding tears.

However, some customers say that they cried for the first time when the cushion arrived.

Until then, he couldn’t accept death and was just stunned.

The feeling that they’ve been holding back until now will be overflowing at once.

And from the next day onwards, we also received feedback that they felt positive.

See also this article.

When parting with a pet is hard, create a place where you can cry and cry properly

If you still cry for days

Someone cry for days on end and sometimes worry about what is going to happen to them.

They may think that people around them (family, etc.) are also annoyed.

At times like that, why don’t you pamper your family?

And forgive yourself for crying.

You had a hard time.

It’s okay to be sad and cry.

Forgive yourself for crying, and think that it is okay to cry tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

That sadness will turn into happiness someday.

It is proof that you loved your pet from the bottom of your heart, and the more sad you are, the more deeply you love it.

This is a story told to us by a customer.

The sadness and pain are the proof that you loved pet.

Please check this out for details.

Loneliness is the proof that I loved you. Experience of overcoming pet loss