How long will the grief of pet loss last? How to sort yourself out your feeling about pet loss

How long does the grief of losing a pet typically last?

There may be people who are troubled like this.

I think the loneliness of pet loss will last forever.

I still miss my dog ​​that I lost more than 10 years ago.

But I won’t cry or be sad.

Instead, I am reminded of fun times and happy times.

You will be able to spend the future with a different feeling than the situation you are suffering now.

Then when will the pain of losing a pet disappear?

The length of time varies from person to person.

I have seen many such people.

We knit threads, design pets with the threads, and make memorial goods.

Some people spend two or three years in sadness.

They stumble upon our store by chance and are told:

A pet that passed away few years ago has returned.
I finally cried. From now on, we can be together forever.


When you recover from the grief of losing your pet, your bond and affection with your pet will deepen. And I think that you will be able to spend days that you can feel happy even if you are lonely.

People who have recovered from the grief of pet loss will be able to smile and say thank you to their pets.

Even if you are lonely, you will be able to feel the bond with your pets.

I hope everyone will feel the same way.

What inspired me to write this article

I make memorial goods from photos of pets and hear stories from customers who have lost their pets almost every day. After the product arrives, I sometimes receive email from customers that is a very heartfelt thanks email or phone call. Some customer write letters. Everyone says that from now on, they will hold a cushion and do their best. And they said that they want to be wrapped in the warmth of a throw. They say the grief will continue, but they will recover. I think it’s good to have some clue to get back on your feet.


letter from customer

How long it takes to recover from the grief of pet loss

The length of time it takes to recover from pet loss different depending on the person.

Some people cry overnight and feel better the next day, while others cry for days on end.

Some people may look fine but are actually in pain.

What I can say in common to all of them is that the feeling of loneliness is the same for everyone.

It seems that there are various reasons why the period to recover from pet loss varies from person to person.

I will introduce some of the reasons, so please look back and see if you fit into something.

Sometimes these reasons seem to overlap in a complicated way.

Reasons for Prolonging Pet Loss

Whether or not you have experienced pet loss

People who have lost a pet in the past seem to recover relatively quickly.

Some people say that they were prepared from past experiences, and it may be easier to prepare mentally.

They know what to do after their pet dies, so they may be able to cope with loneliness.

No matter how many times I lose my pet, I feel the same loneliness again and again.

Dependence on pets

It seems that people who are highly dependent on their pets have a hard time recovering from the pain of losing their pets.

“the dog ​​is my everything”

“If this cat is gone, I will have nothing left.”

Many people feel that way.

When such a person loses a pet, it seems to have a very big sense of loss.

In particular, living alone or depending pet highly.

The reason seems to be that there are few people to talk to and that there is no one to share the sadness with.

Some of our customers break down in tears over the phone when ordering.

I know how they feel. They may never have spoken to anyone before.

We can only listen to stories and knit cushions.

But after the delivery, they say thanks to me while crying.

We believe that this is our mission and strive to create works.

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People who have different hobbies and those who don’t

When our dog died at home, my brother started going on trips he hadn’t been able to before.

Perhaps he thought he should have some kind of hobby.

Similarly, customers who have something to enjoy other than pets seem to recover relatively quickly.

Some people take it positively, saying that they have more time to devote to their hobbies because they no longer have pets.

Many people enjoy traveling and remodeling their homes, and they say that she taught them new hobbies.

Also, a person who built a new house after his dog’s death said that his deceased dog helped him decide to build a new home.

People who have troubles other than pet loss

People who have troubles other than pet loss may need to be careful.

I get stressed easily, but when I had a dog, my dog ​​healed my stress. But after my dog ​​died, I became more stressed and became depressed.

In your own life, look back on your life to see if you have any worries other than pet loss.

Reference article: When pet loss is severe and you can’t recover, there may be causes other than pet loss…

when someone treats you harshly

When you talk to others about pet loss, it will be even more painful if they do not understand your feelings or give you harsh words.

You may feel that no one understands your feelings.

If you withdraw into your own world, you may prolong pet loss, so it is recommended that you consult with someone who understands your feelings.

Reference article: It may be easier to talk to someone about the pain of pet loss.

Customers often say this too.

“I’ve never spoken to anyone before. I was healed by hearing the story”

People who cried and people who haven’t cried yet

Some people cry overnight and feel better the next day, while others find it hard to cry. People who can’t cry may be pretend to be tough or unable to organize their feelings.

Some of our customers say that they cried for the first time after receiving the cushion. I often hear that those tears triggered that day that they became energetic.

If you haven’t cried yet, you may not have been able to say goodbye properly.

Please see “When it’s hard to say goodbye to your pet, create a place where you can cry and cry properly.”

people with other pets

Some people say that the best way to heal pet loss is to get another pet.

Some may object to that idea.

However, it is also true that people who have multiple pets recover quickly.

A customer who had two dogs told me that one dog died. At that time, he was taking care of the remaining dog and said:

“Loneliness doesn’t go away. But it is true that remaining dog heal me”

Reference article: How long until you get your next pet

Someone who had a hard time saying goodbye

Someone who have lost a pet to disease may be prepared to say goodbye.

However, if the farewell comes suddenly, it will probably be a big shock.

They may not be able to cope with the loss of a pet that was fine until yesterday.

It seems that such customers often drag the grief of losing their pet for a long time.

Personality/Positive people and people who stick to the past

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to get stressed easily.

Therefore, the loneliness of Pet Loss was prolonged.

It’s been a few years and I feel like I’m getting better.

On the other hand, Others are happily adopting their next pet right away.

Can you please look back to see if your personality is prolonging pet loss sadness.

You can’t change your personality to be positive right away, but if you have a personality similar to mine, it’s best not to force yourself to cheer yourself up.

good times and bad times

Even if you think you’ve overcome pet loss, it can come back.

My experience is also posted, but even after a few months, I still remember the pain, and there are days when I cry.

Here is my experience. “Loneliness Overwhelms Days After Pet’s Death

People with prolonged pet loss/Parting 20 years ago is still painful

Our customers are not just people who have just lost a pet.

We have received orders from people who still remember their pet who died several years ago, sometimes even 20 years ago.

They want to hug their pets again and want them to come back as cushions.

Or, it is an order that they would like to present to their father or mother the custom-made goods modeled pet that they had when they were a child.

Orders come with old photos.

I think they’ve overcome the loneliness of losing their pet, but they’ve been thinking about pet for years and sometimes shed tears.

I would appreciate it if I could snuggle up to such a customer’s heart.

If you want to recover quickly from pet loss

Even if you want to overcome the pain of pet loss and return to your original life as soon as possible, it will not be easy.

Having experienced the death of a pet, the pain will not go away so easily.

So instead of overcoming the pain, why not think about how to live well despite the pain?

It’s okay to cry, and you have time to immerse yourself in memories.

And we do what we have to do, such as work, housework, and study.

I think we can do our best if we think that the pets in heaven are cheering us on.

A customer spoke to me.

“The amount of sadness is proof that I loved them”

“Loneliness is the bond with my pet”

These are the words I was told when our cat died.

In addition, memorial goods make us a positive feeling.

Please also see the change in feelings that pet memorial goods bring.


All pets appreciate their owners and still love them.

It makes us sad because we had a mutual love relationship.
The deceased pet will go to a happy world without pain and sorrow.

And watching over us.

If we think that our pets are living happily, we may feel a little relieved.

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