Ideas for keeping pet memories or pet keepsakes

Introducing the situation of pet loss in Japan.

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When your pet dies, you may want to keep things such as collars and clothes as memories, but there are some things that you need to be careful about.

Also, it’s hard to keep everything, and it’s true that it’s easier to organize your feelings by disposing of it to some extent.

Therefore, today we will introduce things that can be left, things that I want to keep, and points to note when leaving them.

and I will also give you advice when you can’t make a decision to sort it out.

Customer’s condition

We knit pet memorial goods.

We will introduce how customers dispose of their memorabilia.

(From the review) Is it early even though the sadness has not healed yet? I thought about it. But I wanted to increase “Luc(dog)” as the house that was designed to care for old dogs was changing to human specifications day by day.

pet original cushion

Ordered product: Cushion

My dog ​​has returned with a warm warmth (from the review)

I sometimes receive requests to create a keepsake with the desire to leave some memories in the room, which changes day by day by disposing of mementos.

We are working hard to create works that will be close to everyone’s memories.

work scene

What will be a memento of a pet and how to store it

Since we make pet memorial goods , we sometimes hear from our customers about pet keepsakes.

What can be a memento of a pet?

Many people think of things that dogs and cats used, such as collars and toys.

But it seems that’s not all. You can keep your pet’s hair and nails as mementos, and you can also make goods made from photos.

Here are some items that we can recommend as keepsakes.

Make a memento of something pet used

I think that there are things that pets used in general as keepsakes.

You probably left leads, collars, clothes, and so on.

Storage method

It seems that everyone has set up an altar and attached memorial goods next to the photo.

If it is a small item, you may put it in an acrylic case and display it.

How about putting a toy or a collar in it and decorating it? It doesn’t get dusty and looks nice.

If you decorate it with a photo, I think it will remain in your memory forever.

If you want to keep it away, you can put it in a memorial box and store it.

Pet memorial boxes are available on the market, some of which have a lid with a photo inside. There are some things that can be displayed cutely even if they are displayed on a bookshelf, etc., and I think that it is just the right way to store them so that they are not usually visible and can be taken out when it is important.

Leave your pet’s claws and fur as a memento

cat hair felt

This is the hair that came out when I brushed my cat.

Even after you die, you can leave it as a memento if you take a little bit of hair.

If you have a certain amount of hair, you can make a small doll of a dog or a cat by turning it into felt.

In addition, there are things such as making straps using hair and pendants for inserting nails and bones.

Hair and claws cannot be collected later, so if you want to make something, please save them.

Mook, who used to be my dog, had long hair.

I regret a little that I have disposed of everything.

Keep before cremation

If you want to keep hair and nails as mementos, be sure to save them before cremation.

After cremation, only bones remain.

Also, if you want to make bones into pendants, you will of course have to collect the bones.

It seems that some crematoriums do not support collecting ashes, so let’s check if we can collect ashes before cremation.

Precautions when storing hair and nails

Care should be taken when complementing hair and nails.

Hair and nails must be kept clean.

In severe weather, mites and mold may grow, so be careful.

Always wash first.

Keep it clean by washing it regularly and drying it in the sun.

Some people say they don’t want to keep their hair and nails

Strangely enough, when I sent my cat off, he didn’t bring back any hair or bones.

See why I didn’t pick up the cat bones .

(From the review)
It’s not a thousand winds, but I wanted my cat to be free. I think I’m flying in the sky now, away from my sick body. So I didn’t collect my bones either. But I’m lonely myself, so when I saw the cushion, I definitely wanted you to make it. I was very healed by the consultation, and I was really saved. Ordered product: Knitted cushion
pet original cushion

remake the collar

Because of my work, I like sewing (sewing machines and needlework). In the future, I would like to remake something with the collar left by the cat.

I have two cats now and I bought them cute collars and put silver tags on them.

When these children pass away, I plan to leave this collar and lost tag and make a strap.

cat image

In July 2020, one of our two cats passed away.

Here is the scene at that time

That night, I got a present from my cat (Maro).

gift from cat in heaven

This is the collar that Maro was wearing.

This is what I bought for a Christmas present.

This is a proof of the bond with Maro and is a lifetime treasure.

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clothes remake

I am good at sewing.

I make cushions for work, but I also remake bags as a hobby.

Therefore, you can remake your pet’s clothes into a strap or use it as a patchwork fabric.

However, my dog ​​didn’t wear clothes, so I didn’t make it, but I regret that I should have left at least a bandana.

If you are good at sewing, why not remake it into something else?

newfoundland dog

This photo was taken in 2006 and is of me and my dog ​​Mook when I was younger.

It was such a big dog, so the collar and lead were designed for large dogs.

The leash was too big (almost a rope) to be used for anything, but the collar was sturdy and made of leather.

If I had bought leather processing tools and made bag straps and key holders, it would have been fun and I would have been able to leave wonderful memories.

It’s too late to think about it later, so I think it’s better to keep things as mementos as much as possible.

Introduction of customers (ideas for designing keepsakes)

Find out how our customers keep their memories alive.

Original goods with toy designs

We would like to introduce a request to design original goods instead of keeping favorite toys as they are.

a favorite toy

Ponta said that this soccer ball toy was her favorite.

In response to an order from a customer, we designed a cushion with a request to design this toy together.

Design your favorite toys

In this way, instead of leaving mementos as they are, some people design original goods and leave them in a different form.

Click here for cushion details

Also, people who have already disposed of their toys can make them if they have a picture, so they are happy in such cases.

I would appreciate it if you could support your heart.

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A request to keep a toy that a deceased pet liked

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Design by taking photos and stamps of meat balls

We would like to introduce a request to design a photo of your dog or cat’s paws on the back of the cushion.

The back of the cushion has a pattern of paws like this.

It is a request that I want you to make the design with my child’s original.

You can take a photo of the paws and send it to us, or send us a handprint with a stamp. We can also make it according to that size, so you can create a work that looks like your pet has just walked there.

Make original goods with the paws of your beloved dog or cat

Reusing pet keepsakes

Reuse collars as keychains or lanyards

Collars for cats and small dogs can be used as straps without having to be remade.

Wash it clean, and if it is frayed, cut it with scissors or reinforce it with craft glue.

I think it has a D-ring for attaching charms, etc., so if you pass a ring of metal fittings such as a key ring through it, you can use it by itself.

Straps and key chains are things that you carry around every day, so you can always be with them.

cat collar

This is a collar for a cat.

I took a picture when I just bought it and put it on after this.

This is made of durable denim fabric, so even after 4 years, the fabric is solid without fraying.

When this child passes away, I would like to remake this into a strap so that I can always carry it around as a memento.

Use a bowl as an accessory case

You may also send us a photo of the altar from the customer.

There are various things in the picture, and it is almost always the bowl that I used to eat rice.

It often contains snacks as offerings, but sometimes stuffed animals such as dogs and cats are also included.

Also, there are family messages (messages for deceased pets) written, and everyone’s love is transmitted.

cat bowl

This is our cat cafe terrace.

Our cats eat at the garden view.

When my dog ​​passed away, I also disposed of the bowl, and there is nothing left.

When my cat dies someday, I plan to keep it, wash it clean, and use it as an accessory case to store mementos of my cat.

You can also buy a small stuffed cat and put it in.

You may want to spread some things like marbles or glass spheres and arrange flowers.

As long as this bowl remains, you can remember the cats.

Do you want to leave a memento of your pet? don’t leave?

Nowadays, it is common to leave a memento, and many people will set up an altar and collect memorial goods.

However, when we lost our beloved dog, it was a time when the public had little understanding of pet death.

“Don’t let loneliness drag you down forever”

“The sooner you dispose of it, the sooner you can get back on your feet.”

With that in mind, I consulted with my family and disposed of everything.

But now there are a lot of people who leave their mementos.

We have received many orders as memorial goods for deceased pets, and we have received many thank you letters and emails from everyone.

Many of them cherish keepsakes and collect a lot of original goods.

It’s been more than 10 years since we lost our dog, but now I regret that I don’t have any mementos of Mook, so I think it’s better to leave something behind.

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regret not leaving

It was more than 10 years ago, but when Mook passed away, I was so lonely that I dared to throw away all the keepsakes.

I thought it was good at the time, but now that many years have passed, I regret that I should have kept the collar and bandana.

role of keepsakes

Why do you keep pet keepsakes?

In order not to forget the pet.

Because I want to be by your side forever.

Because it reminds me of it every time I see it.

I think all are correct.

And I think the best reason to leave a memento is to create a place where your heart can rest and cry.

There are only photos left of our pet dog Mook.

You can see the photos by opening the album or opening the computer, but you don’t see mementos in casual everyday life.

So I recommend that you keep something.

I’m sure the time will come when that memento will help me someday.

When you can’t decide how to organize

what to keep and what to throw away

So what should we keep and what should we throw away?

In that case, why not create your own standards?

For example, judging by the ease of storage, it will be like this.

Leave small items that are easy to store and dispose of large gauges and cat towers that are difficult to store.

Or you can judge by depth of memory.

This was my favorite toy, so I kept it and got rid of the clothes I didn’t wear often.

Or you can judge by the size of your memories.

I wore this only once, but it’s an important piece of clothing, so I’m keeping it.

By setting your own standards, it will be easier for you to make decisions.

When you cannot decide whether to dispose of

I think it’s very difficult to decide whether to dispose of the memories or whether to keep them.

If you can’t make a decision now, I think it’s better to keep it.

As time passes and I feel better,

“Can we say goodbye to this now?”

It may come time to think.

I think it should be disposed of at that time.

If time has passed and you still can’t throw it away, keep it close at hand.

Surprising things that I’m glad I left behind

Finally, I would like to share my experience.

In 2020, my beloved Maro passed away.

cat pictures

He was a very selfish child, and when he died, he was cool as he was.

One day, I found a record of Malo’s vaccinations in a drawer.

“Oh, it’s Maro-chan’s!”

Thinking that, I stared into it.

There was only the date, the name of the medicine, and the amount, but I was happy.

Because Maro liked the hospital.

Both of my cats love the hospital.

Both the teachers and the nurses laughed and loved me, saying that children like this are rare.

Memories of places Maro liked are there.

Of course, I have the patient’s card and put it in my wallet.

There was even a case where I mistakenly issued a cat examination ticket when I presented my identification card.

I’m sure Maro will forget about me, but he will remember the hospital (wry smile)

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